Tiny Tip: Graphics the Easy Way

A nonprofit needs a way to make good-looking graphics for Facebook,  appeal letters, email newsletters, posters, postcards . . .

Even if your scrappy nonprofit can afford Photoshop, who can afford the time it takes to learn to use it well?

Enter Canva for Nonprofits. Canva will give any nonprofit a free Team account including 10 logins. You store your colors, logos, and fonts on the Canva site, and your staff members can make consistently beautiful and on-brand graphics, whenever they need them.

I made this one in about 3 minutes, to thank Tom Ahern for his help with an appeal letter I wrote:

He used it in his email newsletter.

Canva for Nonprofits. Empower your team.

PS: Are you randomly throwing stuff on Facebook and hoping it inspires someone to give or volunteer? There’s a better way. Craft a Communications Plan that starts with an audience profile and ends with how you’ll effectively use all the channels. Need help? We’re here for you. info@heidiventure.com