People Saying Lovely Things About Us

… positive attitude and encouragement

I worked with Heidi on the brand strategy for The Next Door. It was a tough project due to the number and sheer diversity of services,  but she was a joy to work with. When things got difficult, Heidi didn’t shy away. Her positive attitude and encouragement kept the whole team working until we got through it. She is not only incredibly passionate about working with non-profit and for-profit businesses, she is one of the most well connected people I… Read more “… positive attitude and encouragement”

… you’ll be lucky

Heidi Venture has been working with Radio Tierra, an all volunteer nonprofit radio station serving both Spanish and English speakers in the Columbia River Gorge. I serve as our board chair. We asked Heidi to help us become an organization that has employees, like an Operations Manager to hold the business together, instead of being a working board that never has the time to do board work because we are doing all the station work. Within the first week, she… Read more “… you’ll be lucky”

Across the Political Divide

“I like that you are trying to bridge the gap! There are a lot of people who don’t identify left or right. They are kind of stuck in the gap.” “Very interesting presentation/workshop! Enjoyed the comparison of “Right” and “Left.” I accept your challenges! Thank you!” ~Linda “Inspiring to hear how to create connection, empathy, and see each other as a person. Love the emphasis on compassion. Thank you for spreading love and compassion and empathy!” “I don’t label myself,… Read more “Across the Political Divide”

Participants in Across the Political Divide Workshop
… ability to capture my voice

Working with Heidi Venture has been a very enriching experience. Her fresh insights and hard work are helping us achieve our ambitious fundraising goals. I feel like she is as committed to our cause as we are. I know she is committed to doing everything in her power to help us succeed. Heidi became part of our team and really got to know us so what she wrote reflected not only our cause, but our personalities. She has an ability to… Read more “… ability to capture my voice”

… generous with her expertise

Heidi gives us well-thought out recommendations to strategically move our communications forward. She listens with focus and patience to clearly understand our goals, needs, and the big picture of the project at hand. Heidi always keeps the audience in mind to create effective messaging and increase comprehension and engagement. She is generous with her expertise. I’ve learned many time-saving tips from her regarding our communication efforts. I always look forward to working with Heidi as she brings positive, productive energy… Read more “… generous with her expertise”

… her enthusiasm engages and enlivens

Heidi Venture was a volunteer facilitator for the 2015-2016 Ford Leadership Institute Program. As a manager who works with volunteers often, I know I cannot expect them to be as devoted as paid staff, but Heidi went above and beyond anything expected of a volunteer: she exceeded the expectations of even a paid facilitator. She was always willing to get up and lead an activity or present information. When presenting or facilitating, her enthusiasm engages and enlivens her audience. She… Read more “… her enthusiasm engages and enlivens”

… helping me express myself

Thank you Heidi for the care you took to help me prepare for accepting this amazing honor. I truly mean it that all women at the agency are “Women of Distinction,” and especially you for helping me express myself in the best manner possible. You are the best and I appreciate you more than words can say! You have a gift in speech writing. I have heard it from others as well that you truly do have a gift in… Read more “… helping me express myself”

Tami Swanson
…forward thinking

Heidi is very knowledgeable when it comes to the nonprofit world and fundraising. Her professionalism, sense of humor, and forward thinking ideas make her one of a kind. She is a joy to work with.

… your database is in good hands

I trained Heidi Venture to be a Salesforce database System Administrator for three years. This is not a job for everyone – it requires a technical bent, very careful attention to detail, and a process-oriented style of thought. And most of all, it requires loving your data. Heidi rocked it on all counts – your database is in good hands with Heidi.

… training comments

We collected these comments from people who took Wealth and Poverty diversity trainings in 2014-2016. “Good instruction, class participation, interesting, thought provoking, & helped me see how our mentoring can make a difference in a family’s life.” “I really enjoyed the comparison of the different “classes” of society. You presented well and it flowed nicely. This brought up some “hidden” feelings, so be prepared for emotional reactions.” “Best diversity training yet! Good food for thought re: what is needed to… Read more “… training comments”

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