Starting with a complimentary one hour consultation, we’ll look at your current fundraising infrastructure and future plans. You’ll talk about your ideas, your agency’s needs, and what kind of funding you think is available. I’ll tell you what I think would move you forward. If you’re interested in my help, I’ll prepare a scope of work with some ideas about how to fund my services.  Some of the things I help with: donor relations, appeal letters, websites, Facebook and other social media.

I’ve been working with the Salesforce CRM for several years.  Salesforce can make donor management so much more powerful for you. Let’s come up with a plan that fits what you need.

Grant Writing
In 2010, along with The Next Door’s Capital Campaign Committee, I developed and coordinated a capital campaign for building renovations. Our campaign included nine grant proposals, several foundation site visits, public facility tours, mail appeals and events,  and we raised over $800,000 in donations and grants in less than a year.

Speaker Coaching
How is your Director doing with public speaking? Is it important for them to engage audiences? Is it fair to ask them to do that without training?

Public speaking is at least two things.
1. The most feared of the phobias.
2. The key to career advancement and communication.
I can help you overcome your fear so you can move forward.

I can help with:
Preparing and coaching elevator pitches
Developing talking points and key messages
Speech writing
Coaching for events.

Board Training
Every nonprofit needs a training plan for their board.  We’ve all heard horror stories about boards that didn’t have training.  There are things a board can take for granted, and things they can’t.

These four topics are the most requested, and the most needed:
Board roles and legal responsibilities
Evaluating and supervising your director
Recruiting new members
Fundraising basics.

Diversity Training Topics
Almost every organization offers diversity training. And almost every diversity training covers the same ground. Your staff can review the concepts of bias, awareness, and respect without being quite so bored. Try something new, or stick with something familiar. I enjoy presenting interactive diversity trainings that staff enjoy attending.
Politics in the workplace
Wealth and class
Religion and spirituality in the workplace

Staff Training
If I’m working with you, I’ll happily throw in a free one-hour Public Service Loan Forgiveness training. If you have staff with outstanding college loans, they need to know about this program, which could result in their loans being completely forgiven if they work for a non-profit for 10 years.

Nonprofit Marketing Strategies
Yes, nonprofit marketing is a thing. You want to do good things? You need to convince a broad array of audiences to help you. We are quickly moving toward a world where most people get most of their information online. If your nonprofit is not developing communications strategies for your website, social media, and email newsletters, you are becoming obsolete—but it doesn’t have to be that way. Let’s talk about a plan for marketing that fits your agency’s resources.

Strategic Planning
Crafting a well-thought-out strategic plan is a proven approach to help organizations become more effective. I know, they sometimes sit on a shelf and never see the light again, but even the act of creating the plan will make your organization more likely to reach your goals. A really good plan will inspire you to take if off the shelf and make sure you are on track.

As we work together on your strategic plan, I will help you and your organization look at your history, your current state, and your potential, carefully assessing opportunities. In the end, you will have a strategic plan  to guide you and a work plan with realistic timelines, allocations of resources, and ways to measure success.

Let’s get started.

Heidi Venture

Expanding Your Impact