Nonprofit Support

Helping non-profits expand their impact and influence through donor data management, storytelling, fundraising, coaching speakers, loving donors, marketing, grant writing, training board members and staff, and facilitating strategic planning. 

I care about the work nonprofits do, and about the people who work in nonprofits. As your consultant, I will advocate for involvement by everyone.  You can meet the goals your organization dreams of,  if you encourage and honor the meaningful participation of management, board, staff, and stakeholders.

Yes, it can take intense effort, and even some discomfort, to collaborate and build consensus, but the results are worth it. When people feel valued and heard, your organization’s big goals become everyone’s big goals.

Because one size does not fit all, let’s prepare a customized, inclusive approach that considers both the goals of your organization and available resources.  You can expect me to listen, plan, research, customize, and work hard to help you build a better world.


Let’s get started.

Heidi Venture

Expanding Your Impact