Speech Practicing

I’ve been working on an elevator pitch workshop, and one of the things I want to encourage people to do is practice their pitch.

The best speeches I’ve done have been practiced 20-40 times. I usually practice just walking around my house, but I think I need to be more imaginative. So I started a list of ways and places to practice a speech.

Practice your pitch 25 times or more–

walking around your room,
in writing,
in a high voice,
super excited,
holding your turned off phone,
on a hike,
to your mom,
to your grandma,
to your kids,
in your sleep,
to your friends, saying, “what can I do to improve this?”
call your work number and leave it as a message,
call your cell and leave it as a message,
with a French accent,
or… any other accent.
Use your imagination… just practice!

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