Force of Salesforce

I’ve been working with Salesforce at a non-profit for several years. Now I’m helping other non-profits get their fundraising act together, and one thing that most non-profits need is a good donor management plan, including a good way to manage their data.

Think about the last time you gave to a cause. How long was it before you received a thank you? How long should it have been?

My advice: a sincere, unique thank you letter should go out within 48 hours of receiving a gift. Salesforce makes it easy to do just that. As soon as you enter a donation, you can print a letter. Making the letter sincere and unique? Salesforce can’t do that, but you probably can.

Am I being unreasonable to expect a non-profit to acknowledge a gift within the shortest possible time? Yes. It is quite unreasonable. But if a non-profit does this, their donors are going to think that they do everything well. It’s the easiest, most cost-effective way to boost your reputation.